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Article Published June 13, 2022Cow-Calf Corner (OSU Extension)

Beef Cow Slaughter Continues Unabated

by Derrell S. Peel, Oklahoma State University Extension Livestock Marketing Specialist

Through the end of May, beef cow slaughter for the year-to-date is 15 percent higher year over year. With nearly half the year over, it is very likely that the annual beef cow slaughter total will be up by double-digits year over year. While some drought reduction regionally has improved pasture conditions (Oklahoma is a good example), range and pasture conditions nationally are still at the worst level ever for this time of year. In other areas drought continues to expand. Colder than normal weather in northern regions this spring and reduced fertilizer use everywhere are also contributing to delayed and reduced pasture and hay production. The most recent weeks of slaughter data have year over year beef cow slaughter increasing rather than decreasing as the reality of reduced pasture and hay production becomes clear moving into June. 

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