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1/12/2023 – Elliott Dennis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, appearing in BEEF Magazine

Heifers on feed indicate a long-term liquidation is still occurring

Prepare for the USDA-NASS cattle inventory report at the end of January


“Beef cow herd liquidation occurred in a significant way in 2022 due to a combination of strong lean beef demand, higher cull cow prices, and forage issues due to drought. Fewer cows results in fewer feeder cattle, tightening supplies for fed cattle, and ultimately lower beef production in 2023. The USDA-NASS Cattle Inventory report is released at the end of this January and analysts’ estimates for beef cow reduction are in the 3-4% range. This will directly affect feeder cattle numbers in 2023.”

Originally published by Livestock Marketing Information Center – See Full PDF Article with charts